mardi 27 mars 2007


Bon, et bien pas d'anecdote aujourd'hui, du coup je met des croquis plus ou moins récents. Pas que je manque de trucs à raconter d'ailleurs, mais j'ai passé le temps du weekend normalement consacré à dessiner à essayer de comprendre comme insérer une image dans le bandeau de titre du blog.
En vain, comme tu peux le constater, ami lecteur...
Si quelqu'un a la solution d'ailleurs, ça m'intéresse...

3 commentaires:

messytimbo a dit…

wow, i love your train sketches. i find it really hard to draw the whole environment when i'm on the train. you do it so well.

very inspiring

i bet you study at the gobelins?

messytimbo a dit…

oh and by the way "eye darts" are about the speed of the eye balls movement.

"dart" is a way to discribe the a fast move or movement.

if something darts, it springs or start suddenly and run swiftly: A mouse darted out of the closet and ran across the room.

i think in matts post he's talking about how the eye moves and why it moves the way it does.

i hope that cleared things up for you.

louis de La Taille a dit…

thank you very much for your nice commentaries. I happen to have myself problems to draw the environnement, so I force myself to do it. For me it's especially difficult to represent a convincing space from imagination.

Actually, I've been to the gobelins, but for only the last year (instead of three.) I've worked on the short "the chilly" (le piment) you can see here:

And thank you for the clarification about "eye-dart", it's helpful !