samedi 31 août 2013

L'amour à l'arrêt de bus / Love at the bus stop

L'amour à l'arrêt de bus /love at the bus stop from Louis de La Taille on Vimeo.

Voila un tout petit film que j'ai fait dans le courant de l'année, en marge de mon travail, pour le plaisir. J'ai commencé par le premier dessin, sans idée particulière, et j'ai brodé au fur et à mesure.

I did that short film just for fun, aside from my regular job. I did the first drawing  with no specific idea, and i advanced further.

3 commentaires:

Olivier Som a dit…

Vraiment génial! Simple et efficace, BRAVO!

Hafna a dit…

funny how a film about sexism and sexual harassment is really sexist and invite us to laugh about harassment... so we have to laugh because the guy is obliged to stay with the fat ugly lady with curly hair, hmm I'm also wondering which skin colour is she ?

the thing white straight men do :)

louis de La Taille a dit…

Olivier: Merci de ton retour !

Hafna:You seem to be a really funny person, i can't wait to see your hilarious creations (animated films, comics, whatever ) about respectful and equal relationship, it's is going to be hilarious !